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Longparke Farm is a family-run cafe and farm shop with a warm, relaxed atmosphere and rustic-chic feel, where the entire family can enjoy wholesome, hearty food surrounded by beautiful countryside that's only a stone's throw away from the city centre.

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Rooted in family history and generations of farming, Longparke was developed after Jim and Fiona Thompson travelled for miles in search of the perfect spot for a tasty lunch or decent coffee and cakes. In 2014, the Thompsons took the decision to diversify the farm into hospitality, after realising that they could create their dream cafe on their very own doorstep.

Their son, James Thompson and wife Gemma took over the business, with the support of sister Abby, to ensure their parent’s vision was brought to life. With a lot of hard work and determination, the family proudly opened Longparke Farm Shop & Cafe on 30th April 2018, just a week before the birth of James and Gemma’s daughter Phillipa.

Named after a field on the farm, Longparke Farm has only grown and evolved since its original concept as a tea room, with the introduction of a well-stocked farm shop, outdoor seating, children’s play area, takeaway options and of course, a few new furry friends (moos!) to the site.
There's plenty for the whole family to enjoy at Longparke Farm. Whether it’s making unforgettable family memories, celebrating a special occasion or simply catching up with friends over a hearty meal - we’ll help you escape the day-to-day and relax in a beautiful rural environment with great food and friendly service.


North Grange Farm overlooks the coastal town of Monifieth, while bordering on Dundee and being completely surrounded by the picturesque countryside of Angus which makes its location truly unique.


Having been in the Thompson family since the early 1900s, with the current generation having lived there for over 40 years, the farm has a rich family heritage which it is proud to continue through the development of Longparke Farm.


As recently as 20 years ago, North Grange was a working farm that produced crops like grains and cereals as well as rearing cattle. Slowly the farm has evolved and diversified, with agricultural land being sold off to create new housing and room for the Dual Carriageway, while the family business focused on horse livery.


The 2010s marked an exciting new chapter for North Grange, with further diversification for the farm into the hospitality and retail sector as they launched Longparke Farm Shop & Cafe in 2018.

Looking to the future, James and wife Gemma have exciting plans for Longparke Farm and together they plan to continue the Thompson family legacy for generations to come.

Fleming Butchers

Based in Arbroath, Fleming Butchers was established in 1925. With an excellent reputation as one of the finest meat producers in the North East of Scotland, the butchery business has supplied Longparke Farm with meat since opening in 2018.

After facing potential closure in 2022, Longparke Farm owner, James Thompson decided to buy Fleming Butchers as he wanted to continue to use the best locally sourced meat at Longparke Farm.

With unbelievable support from the local community, Fleming Butchers has been able to continue trading, supplying Longparke Farm and other local businesses with top-quality produce, and has branched out to provide an online butchery service.

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We want to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience at Longparke Farm which is why we’re always looking for fun, enthusiastic and friendly individuals who are willing to work hard to deliver excellent customer service and create delicious dishes.

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